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To express what makes Vespa so revolutionary and innovative, requires beginning at the origin of the brand. Focusing on the year 1946 – when Vespa was founded – reveals all the elements which continue to make this scooter an icon of style and innovation.  Quite simply, over the years, Vespa has been able to engage with the zeitgeist, no matter the era, and often in a unique way.

Vespa was an original, useful and beautiful product that immediately won over the hearts of a post-WWII public when Italy was clamouring for a comeback.  Vespa’s creator, Corradino d’Ascanio, was an ingenious designer with a technology-first mentality who blended creativity and mechanical engineering into a functional, aerodynamic and simple vehicle.

Vespa’s innovation as a vehicle also naturally extended to the urban culture, which continues to make Vespa an icon today. The brand has evolved into a lifestyle which allows riders to travel in colour and fun. Vespa was a revolution in the languageof scooters: how they were used and why they were desired.

Observing the sinuous lines of the first scooter prototype (MP6) and listening to the buzz of its 98cc engine, Enrico Piaggio couldn’t help but exclaim: “It sounds like a vespa!” (wasp). This phrase commenced a campaign revolution that would make its way around the world and act as the foundation for several iconic advertising campaigns.

Vespa became widely adopted due to its unique appeal that revolutionised the way people got around on roads all over the globe and launched a brand-new way of expressing oneself.

Universal Motors of Clearwater INC was founded by Peter Nichols in 1979 as a premier automotive dealership and repair center, specializing in European sport cars. At the turn of the century, Universal Motors expanded this expertise to two-wheel vehicles and began specializing in motorcycles and scooters, in addition to cars.

Based on our expertise and experience providing service to both modern and vintages Vespas, they officially became a Piaggio / Vespa dealer in 2008. Universal Motors of Clearwater INC, operating as Vespa Clearwater, has been servicing the Tampa Bay Area as the premier Vespa dealer and Vespa service center. We are family owned and operated, focused on Vespa and Piaggio scooters.

We’re not a big chain and we’re not a motorcycle dealer with a little corner & a couple Vespas – we live the Vespa lifestyle and want others to enjoy riding the finest scooter ever made.